As I’ve received several consultancies offers lately, and it seems that both my clients are satisfied, and I’m happy to share my knowledge, it’s time to make it easier for everyone to reach out to me as a consultant.

In case you are looking for someone experienced and passionate about teamwork, product development and development management, you are in the right place. I take consultancy jobs in these fields, including agile practices. For legal reasons I have to tell you that I don’t have any agile badges, I just have real-work experience and understanding.

I have experience in working with small, startup teams to 250+ companies. Primarily I can help you in product development and have much less experience in contract work. In the fields of product development probably only a few have a wider and deeper understanding of the whole development field than I do. I’ve been working on product concept, through validation, UX, design, up to development, testing and planning of the next iterations and releases. I have experience from complex, pure web-apps, through mobile to custom server development.

In case you think that you likely need my expertise, let’s schedule a meeting below!

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